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Surgical Supplies

Surgical supplies & animal aftercare needs.

Recovering Pet Protection


These e-collars are an ideal solution for recovering pets with injuries, rashes, or the need for post-surgical protection. They are easy to work with and allow pets clear visibility. They also provide your clients with the reassurance that their pet's recovery will not be impeded by scratching or chewing affected areas.
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Reusable & Multi-Purpose

Surgical Textiles

We offer a cost-effective selection of reusable necessities for your surgical environments. These autoclavable surgery gowns and multi-purpose wrappers and drapes offer versatility for a variety of surgical procedures.
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Support & Balance

Mobility Harnesses

Ideal for dogs recovering from knee, hip, or back surgery or older dogs that need assistance with mobility and balance. We offer sizes that comfortably fit small, medium, and large dogs. These give clients great comfort knowing they can help their pets be more mobile during home recovery.
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