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We offer a large variety of prescription vial labels for use with direct thermal printers for convenient in-house labeling. We have a variety of adhesive medical record labels for in-clinic pet health documentation.
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Medication Stickers

We have developed a large selection of color-coded labels that provide additional supportive information that stands out, to help clients further understand dispensing instructions and medication storage.
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Medical Record Stickers

Our brightly colored stickers highlight special procedures, unique pet requirements, or specific actions necessary for a particular patient. The use of these stickers provides identifiable, pertinent information at a glance.
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Even More Sticker Options

Labeling is critical in keeping accurate documentation and taking the guesswork out of drug dispensing. Along with the many sticker options we offer to keep your clinic organized, informed, and running smoothly, you may find our Drug Syringe Stickers add yet another layer of protection from medication mishaps.

You will also find other sticker options that you may not have considered for use in your clinic like our Specialty Stickers or Invoice Notification Stickers, both are perfect to use if you need to bring attention to an important directive.