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Scrubs are a great way to keep your team looking great, feeling great and projecting a positive and polished image.

Premium Brand Veterinary Scrubs

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Premium Brands

Our Premium Brands offer a more fashion-forward approach to outfitting your team. These brands feature enhanced detailing, sophisticated styling, and innovative fabric blends. Experience top-notch performance with fabrics that stretch to keep you comfortable throughout your workday. These brands are easy to wear and easy to love!
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Veterinary Apparel Company Classic Scrub Brands

Great for Large Groups

Classic Brands

Our Classic Brands are designed for outfitting groups or teams of any size. These scrubs offer traditional, classic cuts and quality fabrics offering more durability. Your team will appreciate the large selection of classic colors, and extended styles and sizes.
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Veterinary Apparel Company Animal Prints

Add a Little Fun

Print Scrub Tops

We have a fantastic, ever-changing variety of print scrub tops for men and women. Enjoy a great selection of colorful fashion prints, along with seasonal and festive holiday prints. We also offer the largest selection of animal prints available. You won't be able to keep your paws off them!
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Making Team Ordering Easy

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Find the Best Scrubs for Your Team

Don't know what scrub brand is best for you? Do you need extended sizes, extra features, or specific colors? Our unique, custom-built Brand Search feature will prompt you to enter your specific group needs and then suggest the best brands that meet the requirements of your entire team.


Sizing Orders Ensure Perfect Fitting Scrubs

Have you found a brand of scrubs and a style you like? A Sizing Order is a great way to get a full-size run, or specific sizes sent straight to your clinic for your team to try on. This allows you to feel the fabric and try the garments on to ensure the perfect fit for each member of your team.

Get Started on Your Team Order

We've made Team Ordering simple and more convenient than ever. Click the 3-person, wine-colored icon in the upper right corner of this page to create, edit, place, and view saved Team Orders.