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From custom engraved name badges and wall plates to a great range of economy stethoscopes and your favorite Littmann® stethoscopes. And if we don't have what you need, just let us know and we'll try and add it to our products.
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Fun Finds

Forget about all the things you need for your practice, now it's time to find some fun and unique items you'll want! From great gift ideas for your staff to creative animal-inspired products to dress up your look or accessorize your office.
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Veterinary Apparel Company Custom Floor Mats

Keep dirt at the door

Professional Floor Mats

Keep your floors cleaner by keeping dirt and debris at the door. We offer a nice selection of floor mats, from custom mats that meet each client at the door with a polished, professional look to mats that support your team members that spend long hours on their feet.
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Fun & Unique

Dress Up Your Clinic & Staff

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Custom Floor Mats

Our Custom Floor Mats are a valuable addition to your clinic. When you add your logo to a custom floor mat, you're welcoming each and every client in a friendly and more professional manner. Custom mats not only help to keep dirt and debris at the door and off your floors, they help to strengthen your brand and elevate your image.

Don't forget, we also carry other floor mats in the shape of a huge paw and mats with stock designs if you're not ready to go custom yet. These mats have cute animal designs and some you can add your clinic's name. And for the back of your clinic, we have Anti-Fatigue Mats that offer your staff, that spend multiple hours standing, more comfort and support for their feet, legs and back. These can also be a valuable addition for your clinic.

Veterinary Apparel Company Animal Jewelry

Playful Animal Inspired Trinkets & Gifts

Not only do we provide a great variety of scrubs and other professional apparel for your veterinary clinic's staff, we also have a unique collection of animal inspired gifts and collectibles for any four-legged pet lover. The Fun Finds section of our site is a great place to find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, keychains, mugs, hats, zipper pulls and more for people looking for dog, cat, or horse inspired gifts.

Maybe a fun embroidered Tote or Canvas Bag is more of what you're looking for, we have a pawsome selection of those too. You're sure to find something fun and unique if you're looking for gifts or a special trinket for yourself.

Don't forget your clinic walls, they want to feel the love too! Check out our animal inspired Wall Art to dress up your clinic with catchy sayings or fun designs.

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Even More to Love

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Littmann & Economy Stethoscopes

Stethoscopes are an essential tool for any veterinarian or veterinary professional. We offer Littmann® Stethoscopes for those people looking for the best-of-the-best when it comes to hearing quality and product longevity. For others whose budget is a bit tighter, we have a nice selection of economy stethoscopes that also get a quality job done, without the higher costs. Take a look and see what stethoscope option best fits your needs.

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Custom Engraving

For all the other little items that you use every day or might need to make your staff's job a little easier. Our Engraved Name Badges are a good way to give your team members a professional look and immediate identity and engraved office plates can be created for doors, walls and desks for instruction, direction or identity. These are an affordable way to visually organize and identify team personnel.